The Last Seers

Last Seers WilsonEdric has risen through the ranks from scrappy orphan to top soldier. He protects the Seers, an influential family blessed and cursed with supernatural gifts and hunted to near extinction. When he as to reveal himself to protect one Seer’s heart as well as her body, he finds himself in love with the one woman he can’t have.

Tavia is a lethal assassin, a House Keeper, caught between two worlds she’d die to protect, but will she give up her heart to a man?

An evil is rising that can’t be fought with a sword and the fates of everyone Tavia and Edric love and have sworn to protect hang in the balance. Their best defense are the last Seers.


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Method Acting For Writers: Learn To Write Deep Point of View Using Emotional Layers

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Are you struggling with writing characters readers care about? Critique partners, editors or agents saying you need to write vivid emotions? Do you want to write deep scenes and emotional arcs into your stories to keep readers engaged and turning the pages?

Writing deep point of view is like handing your reader a virtual reality headset; it’s dynamic, visceral, and immediate. This intimate and emotive style of writing resonates with contemporary readers, if you’ve got the guts to “go there” with your characters. This writing skill isn’t difficult to master, but it requires a shift in how you tell stories and sometimes those shifts don’t seem intuitive.